Small Changes, Big Impact

I just came back from the grocery store with six reusable grocery bags and I am feeling on top of the world.

I have seen these bags circulating but have never taken the chance on purchasing any. For one, they were always a little pricey in my eyes. At about 4 dollars a pop, and considering I would need at least 6 or more, it was always hard for me to justify paying $24 on bags when I could get the plastic ones for free.

Also, I thought it would be a hassel looking after these bags all the time. My car is a mess, the trunk filled with odds and ends such as a half finished bottle of Woodford Reserve, several opened MREs, plain old trash, shoes, and cooking utensils. A lot of these items have been in there since my last camping trip to Red River Gorge. I have to confess, I am the most spastic, unorganized person that has ever lived. I recently found that my undiagnosed (until last summer) Attention Deficit Disorder has been the driving force behind this, and that is fine and all but I still have to function in the world and I have not done a very good job so far.

So today when I was at the grocery store I was looking at cat litter and there was a bin in the middle of the isle full of these reusable bags. I picked one up and right as I convinced myself I should invest in one, I saw the price!  Kroger was apparently having a little special on these bags, 2 for $1! I immediately put 2 in my cart. When I started checking out I realized that I probably needed 2 more to get the groceries out I was purchasing. So, I ran back over to the pet section and grabbed two more, took a couple steps and came back for an additional two. So, short story long, I got my first reusable grocery bags today, and 6 for 3 dollars at that! I can’t tell you how excited I am about these things. I have to be the biggest dork on the planet.

So, I came back to my office (I work at a small business owned by my father) and unloaded my goodies for next week’s lunch. The whole time I felt so proud of myself and my effort to help the environment. I just couldn’t help it. Well, so I put my canned fruit and my tuna fish cans away and felt like I was ready for more.

Now, my next project is gonna be setting up a recycling bin for all of the white paper we dispose of here at the office. I think we have gotten to the point where we throw away enough white paper for recycling it to be worth the extra effort.

I think if we all took small steps like this it would help. You just can’t think of it as “I need to change the world”. You have to start with one responsible choice. After this, you will realize the high you get from doing something important. This high just fuels further endeavors. I know I have a long way to go. I need to clean up my life before I clean up the environment but, as I get older and see the world my children will inherit, I just can’t seem to sit idly by anymore.

So, along with the the recycling at my office I am going to tackle the Woodford Reserve in my trunk. Gotta make room for those grocery bags

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