No more Yes To Carrots!

Ok that statement is not entirely true. I still adore the lip balm and facial lotion. But last night on my way home I had to stop by the dreaded Walmart because I was out of shampoo and face soap. So, I lingered around their organic section for about an hour scoping ingredient lists trying to find something not laden with chemicals. I found this shampoo called Avalon Organics Awapuhi Mango Moisturizing Shampoo.



Not only was it free of parabens like the Yes To Carrots shampoo but it also had this to say:


• No sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, or other harsh chemicals
• No parabens, harsh preservatives, or grapefruit seed extract
• No synthetic fragrances or colors
• pH balanced
• 100% vegetarian ingredients and no animal testing

Signature ingredient: Derived from Hawaiian wild ginger, awapuhi softens and adds shine to hair while mango provides lush moisturizing and promotes cell rejuvenation for damaged hair.

Product description: Fortified with a rich elixir of awapuhi, mango and ylang ylang blossom to clean hair without stripping it of its precious oils, this shampoo will replenish moisture balance and add body and volume for lively, lush hair.

Features and benefits: For vibrant, supple hair, try this deep moisturizing shampoo formulated with aloe, awapuhi, mango, fragrant orange and ylang ylang. Use this shampoo daily to strengthen and protect the ends of your hair, to maximize softness and shine and to enhance manageability for soft, healthy hair.

Ok, so positively no SLS and even though it was a tad more expensive and smells kinda weird my hair feels way better with this than with any other shampoo I have ever used. It feels thick, lustrous, bouncy and shiny! Like old glamourous movie star hair used to look. I am in love. If only they could make it smell a bit better. But it is scented with natural ingredients so you have to get used to that. Also, my hair gets oily fast, and I was a bit worried because this is for normal/dry hair and says it’s deeply moisturizing. I was worried my hair would get weighed down and get greasy super fast but it seems good so far. I just used it last night before I went to bed and today around 11am. It is now 1:15 so when I go home tonight after work around 10 I will let you know how my hair stood up. My scalp and hair have been feeling a little itchy and dry because it’s so cold and I have two heaters blazing on me at work for 8 hours straight. Today my head feels like I dipped it in a cool spring. It just feels like it was intended to by nature.

Ok, also while I was at Walmart I was looking around for my Basis face soap but they were out. So, I purchased an Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleansing Bar. I love this too. More so than the Basis bar I was using before. My skin just feels perfect. Not tight, no residue, just perfectly natural and healthy and I looks more even toned too because it isn’t harsh and it’s not drying or irritating my skin at all. I have a few blemishes so I will let you know how it works on those spots and if it works to keep new spots from forming.

 Also, it is pretty cheap. Like 2 bucks or something, and it will last a month probably. I might get one for the shower too to use on my chest and back to keep me clear all over if it works.

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