Yes To Carrots

I am always looking for ways to improve the quality of my life. I have tried to cut back on certain things I put in and on my body. 

I recently discovered the Yes To Carrots brand and have tried several of their products.
The Yes To Carrots Shampoo really is amazing. It is a beautiful orange color and comes in a generous size for the price. $7.99 at my local Walgreen’s. The list of ingredients is packed full of organic goodies and minimal synthetic ingredients. It’s label states it has 26 minerals and trace elements. It is also paraben free which is something I have been trying to find in all of my beauty products. Here is a link to one person’s opinion on parabens and it’s good enough for me.

The only thing I don’t like is that it contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Now, I am not sure if this ingredient is that bad but i would still like to avoid it if I can. It is rated a 3-4 moderate hazard on 

When I went to it has two ingredient lists. One has Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) and the other has Sodium Coceth Sulfate. Now the latter is a 0 low hazard on 

I have no idea why there are two and I don’t know which ingredient I have in my shampoo at home. So, if it has Sodium Coceth Sulfate I guess can handle that.

Other than the SLS issue I love everything about this product line. The shampoo makes your hair feel so soft and manageable.


I have the lip balm in Carrot and it works like a dream. I have large lips and they are constantly getting chapped. This balm really conditions them and I have tried almost everything under the sun, even resorting to making my own at home. I think it was a little over $3  for a tube, but worth the money.


I also have the Yes To Tomatoes Totally Tranquil Facial Hydrating Lotion. This is for Oily/Combination skin. I normally don’t have an issue with moisture on my face because I am naturally oily but I use a retinoid product several times a week to keep my acne in check and to help with fine lines and acne scars and it can start to flake pretty bad sometimes. I keep this in my desk at work and when my face is nice and calm in the afternoon a put a couple pumps of this on. It feels kinda sticky at first but settles in nicely after a while. I hate wearing moisturizer at all so anything I put on I can “feel” and it annoys me but this stuff is 99.6% natural, paraben free, petroleum free, and SLS free, not to mention is smells amazing! So, when my face looks dry and cracked this is what I use to combat those issues. It was around $14 dollars at Walgreen’s but I got my shampoo half off when I purchased it with this so it made up for it.

I also have the Yes To Carrots Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser. I got this as one  of my stocking stuffers from my husband. He knows I love this brand. I thought that was such a sweet little gift. It works pretty well. There are particles of apricot in it which I heard can make microscopic tears in your skin but I am not so sure how much of that is true or not. So, I have been using it and I just massage lightly onto my face. My husband has been using it too. This helps with the flaky skin  I sometimes get from using Tazorac. I have also sprinkled a little baking soda in my palm with it and it adds a nice enhanced scrubbing action. It leaves you skin feeling clean and fresh, and almost moisturized because it’s left feeling nice and supple.

So, overall I am very pleased with the quality of Yes To Carrots’ products. They are reasonably priced and are packed with a lot of nutrients to help keep you skin and hair healthy. I would recommend these products to anyone.

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One thought on “Yes To Carrots

  1. I like drinking carrot juice mixed with apple juice. Beauty

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