Yellow Dressers

This is my first post. 🙂

I keep thinking about the 2 dressers that my dad gave me a few years back. I really want to paint them yellow. I will have to sand them and prime them, and then paint them yellow. It will be a lot of work I know, but I really enjoy doing things like that. Plus my husband will probably help me. I think it would be a fun project to do together. I don’t really have the time or money to do it right now though. Hopefully soon!

This is the yellow I was thinking of painting them

It is a big departure from the look we have going on now. I am hoping this will impart a more playful and focused sense of style in our house, rather than the look of hand-me-down furniture we have going on now.

I was also struggling with what hardware to put on them. I really like the vintage glass knobs but the darker metal ones in this pic(above) look really nice too. The darker metal pulls  look more rustic and country. I really like these glass pulls(below) but the ones on the dressers now move and lay flat against the drawer face. I guess I will consult someone before I purchase anything

I am also in love with these little Depression green colored knobs. I am not sure how the green will look with the yellow though. I just love the jewel toned colors and shapes of these vintage style glass knobs. They remind me of my grandmother’s house. She has a large collection of Depression glass and I would always look at them when I was a kid. I always thought they were so pretty.

The dressers are now the original dark cherry stain with some sort of clear coat on top. They are pretty old though and have tons of scratches(from our cats trying to sleep in the drawers) and are just depressing to look at. However, they are really nice solid wood and with a bit of love I think could bring new life into our home. I am just really glad my husband is totally cool with painting them yellow. Some guys might think it is kinda girly I guess, more so than a dark wood. But he is great like that. I think they will look great, especially with the beautiful quilt we have on our bed. I got it from Restoration hardware a few years ago for Christmas from my mom. It is a silvery bluish green with gold toned flowers covering it. I wish I had a pic of it. Oh well.

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